We offer comprehensive sourcing services to our customers to help build their product portfolio in a sustainable manner. Our technical expertise and ample knowledge of manufacturing process allow us to serve our customer’s specific needs.

Sourcing Process

We establish and introduce the most reliable suppliers to our customers in order to offer them the best quality level and reasonable prices in the shortest given time possible. To be able to provide the best service, we are in contact with variety of fabric producers, and we attend to design and fabric exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. We classify and offer suppliers by their product range and negotiate their prices within the target range of our buyers. We provide convenient and suitable fabrics, patterns and accessories according to our clients’ requests and needs. We closely follow seasonal trend forecasts and inform our buyers with the fashion updates. Working with innovative clients we are committed to keep updated on the newest techniques, machinery, fabrics, trims, and to make improvements in the best way we can.

Sampling Process

Once we receive sketches and written reports from our clients, we prepare a prototype and the salesman samples. We are proud to be involved in every step of the production such as size sets, materials and accessories, sale samples and photos. Finally we control the design, appearance, measurements, assortments, color, labeling and packing. It is our responsibility to supervise production until the shipment. We carry out the quality control through all stages of the production.


After receiving the order sheets from our clients, our highly experienced customer representatives contact the selected manufacturers and pass on our customers’ needs in their native language, we explain and closely work together with them on the order sheets. Considering the price range on the global market we aim to find the most acceptable prices and the best quality achievable.

Quality Control

We supervise the production from the beginning until the shipment is done. We do daily quality controls through all the stages of the production while considering the global quality standards if our buyers do not request an extra control system of their own. Our technical team, controls merchandises regularly and prepare reports. We control from beginning until the final checking and packing. We visit manufacturers everyday and control every single detail to prevent the unwanted results.


We are devoted to the delivery dates and do our bests for the shipment to be on time. We collaborate with the best factories at their field and supervise them to minimize the loss of time caused by any mistakes. Therefore we are able to give accurate information to our customers in advance and overall status of their order. We escort the products until the loading.