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Our history

Our History

Y VE B GROUP TEKSTIL A S is providing sustainable ready made garments solutions for
the well known british and european brands. With its skilled team and have lots of
experiences with ethical bio manufacturing field,proudly exporting denim jeans and
apparels such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, jumper, coats, equestrian clothing,
(vegan) bags and small leather goods (not geniuine leather of course they are made
out of plant based materials goods)
What we are using on the sustainable garments we provide are much more close to
natural fabrics and/or natural materials such as a organic cotton fabrics ,recycled
cotton or polyester fabrics , hemp fabrics, wool fabrics, linen fabrics, micro modal fabric
, bamboo fabrics, rayon fabric etc.
For a better and cleaner planet we have settled necessary precautions on our
production processes such as waste minimization and recycling, resource efficiency and
use of local supply chain.
Under the group company roof we are also able to produce sustainable materials.
And we are more than happy to share our latest biodegredable content, with patented
technology ,100% sustainable,plant and bio based,vegan material out of natural waste
of Turkish black tea ! and proudly All made in Türkiye !